Senior Student SIT

The last four years of my life has simply been ext...
Lahom Ulrich|July 27, 2016
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Gohoachou Jervis

Senior Student SIT

My stay in CUIB has simply been a life time experience, you find yourself in an environment were,eve... Read More

Gohoachou Jervis|July 27, 2016

Tchokote Herve

Senior Student SIT, Founder Selfconsult

CUIB is a place were your hopes and aspirations are nurtured and transformed to reality. I am a livi... Read More

Tchokote Herve|July 27, 2016

Kougoum Adelph

Senior Student SIT, CEO MyMates

I came to CUIB from a complete Arts Background, but today I am an IT entrepreneur and CEO of MyMates... Read More

Kougoum Adelph|July 27, 2016