Management Student HND Level II , College of Business

The Ministry has really been motivating and has...
Mokube Alice|December 02, 2016
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Elodie Nana

Accountancy Student, B.Tech. Level III, Colle

I can say that before joining the BERAKAH community my spiritual life was really down. But after att... Read More

Elodie Nana|December 02, 2016

Ndam Carlson

Accountancy Student, HND Level I, College of

I stand as a living testimony to the wonderful works of the BERAKAH Ministry. Since I joined this wo... Read More

Ndam Carlson |December 02, 2016

 Mr. Waffo Jean Dagobert

Parent of Applicant

I have heard so much about CUIB and I am impressed with the kind of education they offer. I want my ... Read More

Mr. Waffo Jean Dagobert|August 31, 2016

Lahom Ulrich

Senior Student SIT

The last four years of my life has simply been extraordinary, CUIB has taught me how to live and sup... Read More

Lahom Ulrich|July 27, 2016

Gohoachou Jervis

Senior Student SIT

My stay in CUIB has simply been a life time experience, you find yourself in an environment were,eve... Read More

Gohoachou Jervis|July 27, 2016

Tchokote Herve

Senior Student SIT, Founder Selfconsult

CUIB is a place were your hopes and aspirations are nurtured and transformed to reality. I am a livi... Read More

Tchokote Herve|July 27, 2016

Kougoum Adelph

Senior Student SIT, CEO MyMates

I came to CUIB from a complete Arts Background, but today I am an IT entrepreneur and CEO of MyMates... Read More

Kougoum Adelph|July 27, 2016