About SB

The School of Business is an integral School which offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in six specialized academic disciplines; Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing and Insurance and Risk Management. The School of Business is an academic organ headed by the Interim dean Prof. Wilfred A. Ndongko and Vice Dean Mr. MbohjimOthniel Mobit that is directly responsible for ensuring high academic standards of qualitative and quantitative teaching and research, the development of highly competitive curricula for evolving departmental needs and forum for new approaches to research in various areas.

There are numerous reasons for students to choose CUIB School of Business to pursue their career dreams. This can be captured in view of our four - years comprehensive professional curricula, which allows students from Freshman level to acquire a solid foundation in their area of interest and career options. The School of Business fosters the culture of excellence and professionalism through teamwork and collaboration both within and without in addition to personal achievement. The Faculty members are known for their student centered approach in teaching and inspiring of students which is reflected in their commitment and dedication. Couple with the entrepreneurial nature of the university, students from CUIB School of Business will find many opportunities to apply what they have learned in class to real professional world both nationally and internationally.

The School of Business strives to integrate principles of Business, the social, economic, spiritual, cultural and environmental lives of its students, staff and faculty in building a Culture of Excellence and attain the University Mission of training professional servant leaders with spiritual and moral values. The Academic Programmes in the School of Business (SB) have a four year training duration that conforms with the University's policies and the adopted American system nomenclature. Thus first year students are referred to as freshmen, second year – sophomore, third year – Junior and fourth year – Senior.
The students of the SB have been making remarkable attempts to engage in the concept of Entrepreneurship and Economy of Communion (EoC) as evident in the several projects that have been undertaken by different student groups.