Family Fund Campaign

The CUIB Family Fund Campaign (FFC) is an internal fundraising campaign intended to support some projects of the University. It is an annual flagship tradition of the University carried out by CUIB Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students. This campaign gives the entire CUIB Community the opportunity to be exemplary philanthropist and support the development agenda of the University.

Donors who made major gifts had their names written on white marbles and the marbles were placed on the FFC Pathway. The name of the other Donors was added to the CUIB Website.Philanthropy is a rather strange concept in Cameroon but the CUIB Community through its Family Fund Campaign inter alia is playing a lead role in making it part of its culture considering that the University is founded on the Economy of Communion philosophy which encourages “Giving” and “Sharing”
The 2014 Family Fund Campaign was the pioneer family campaign. Donations from this campaign were used to support the University’s Campus Beautification Programme in view of its Maiden Commencement Exercises. Though the campaign was new to the CUIB community, the participation by members of the family was great.

The Campaign was divided into three major types of giving as described below:

Top Administration, Faculty and Staff Giving

This giving exercise is carried out by Top Administrators, Faculty and Staff of the University and is characterized by pledging and the fulfilment of these pledges.

Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class of each Academic Year decides on what they would give to the University through the Family Fund Campaign of that Academic Year. They pledge differently from the rest of the Student body and this gift is presented to the President on the D-Day of the Commencement Exercises.

General Student Donations

This part of the giving is done by the other students of the University (i.e. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors) and is also characterized by pledges and the fulfilment of these pledges within the time frame of the campaign.