The Academic regalia is worn by university officials, faculty, students and honored (platform) guests during commencement exercises, special convocations, and the inauguration of new presidents. The commissioning of traditional attire to establish the image of CUIB is important in setting up the traditions and a reasonable intercollegiate code. This is to enable people recognize CUIB as the institute granting the degree, by these particular robes worn by the governing bodies, honored guests, the administration (line managers), academia (Provost,faculty, including adjuncts) who are participating in the Annual Commencement Exercises.

Pomp and Circumstance

It will also allow us to practice traditions such as robing that will bring together the external and internal stakeholders, constituents, and the community in a very heartwarming and prideful activity that sets the stage for the processional and a highly emotional Commencement. It also maintains the dignity and solemnity of the circumstance.

Note: Anyone not robed is precluded from marching in a formal full academic procession. Anyone who forgets or does not take measures to acquire full formal regalia must sit in the audience.

The attire to be worn by all participants at the Commencement; the attires differ as per the participant.

  • Chancellor
  • Board of Trustees
  • President
  • Steering Committee
  • Faculty: Professor
  • PHD
  • Masters
  • Students