The Catholic University Institute of Buea regards its Commencement Exercises as the most important ceremony of the academic year. The exercises which run for a 6 days are filled with symbols and traditions designed to remind us of who we are.
Each Commencement marks a new beginning, and we are excited to have you join our seniors in transition.
CUIB will be celebrating its Third Commencement on the d-day December 15, 2016 at the CUIB Commencement Ground, Molyko Campus. It is on this day that seniors in transition are honored and become full-fledged alumni of the institution with the pinning of the Eagle.
Note:There shall be no movements during the commencement proper on December 15: everyone is advised to be seated before the commencement procession begins and is expected to remain so throughout the ceremony.

General Information
The Commencement is a formal and dignified ceremony. Do respect the following
  • Caps and gowns may not be altered in any way. Academic regalia that may be worn at graduation include caps, gowns, and only those honor cords that are distributed by the Director of Academic Affairs, Provost office.
  • Security measures prohibit carry-in items: coats, purses and other items are subject to inspection. Small, hand-held recording devices are permitted. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
  • Graduates are to remain in their assigned seats and remain on the commencement ground for the duration of the Graduation Ceremony.
  • All electronic devices shall be on silent during the ceremony.
  • Seniors in Transition should assemble for the procession no later than 09:30 am.
  • If you have any other questions regarding graduation, please call (+237) 233322829 / 682864118
  • Other Important Information
    2016 Senior Year Book (1ST Edition)

    The Senior Year book is a picture A5 size magazine which tells the Story of the graduating class from their Freshman Year through to Senior Year. This Maiden edition will tell the story in pictures but subsequently it will be accompanied with Write ups to beef up their experiences on campus. This picture magazine reveals the blend in the Academics, Spiritual and Social (Recreation and Sports) life of students. Showcasing the Holistic education in CUIB which is geared towards producing Servant leader with Moral and spiritual values ‘‘NEW BREEDS OF ENTREPRENEURS’’. These books will be made available at the Center for Student Services at moderate prices.

    2016 Souvenir Pin Ups for Commencement

    The 2016 Souvenir Pin Ups which carry the Logo of the institution will be sold to all visitors at the entrance to the commencement ground showing a sense of love and belonging to the CUIB Community. The Prices for pin ups will range from 500FCFA – 1000FCFA. Parents, guest and invitees could be motivated to donate more to support and encourage the growth of our Institution.

    2016 Alumni Pin ups for the Graduates

    The 2016 pin ups for the graduating class carries the emblem of an eagle which speaks of Strength and Height. It presents the graduating class as a batch of students flying with strength to higher heights as ambassadors of the university, spreading their wings of Spiritual and Moral values ready to be solution providers in their community and not leaving behind their alma mater (CUIB). These pin ups are NOT and Should Not be sold.

    Availability of Flowers (Bouquets) for Commencement

    Colorful flowers (Bouquets) will be made available for sale to families, friends and students at the Center for Student Services on Commencement day. These flowers (roses) will be sold at moderate prices. There shall be neck roses for kids which will be worn on the kids at the Commencement ground. Parents are advised to purchase these roses for their kids.

    Availability of Candles for Torchlight Procession

    Following a torchlight procession on December 14, 2016, candles will be made available for sale at the Book Shop and the Center for Student Services at moderate prices. Parents, invitees and students are encouraged to purchase candles to lighten up the torch light procession.


    There shall be 4 authorized photographers in charge of all photos on the Commencement ground. Only 2 shall be allowed on the Commencement stage during the award of certificates.

    Note: Since photographers will be available, parents and families are advised to remain seated throughout the formal ceremony.

    Sitting Position

    All guests, faculty, staff and students are expected to respect the sitting plan for the 2016 Commencement. You will be guided to your respective sitting positions by the Protocol team. Information on the sitting plan will be put up later.


    Thank you for joining us on this special occasion! We are excited to have you on campus. For all travelling into Buea:

    From Muyuka

    Once at the mile 17 Roundabout turn right and ascend the hill to CUIB Campus A Molyko opposite Lycee Molyko.

    From Mutengene

    Once at the mile 17 Roundabout turn left and ascend the hill to CUIB Campus A Molyko opposite Lycee Molyko.

    From Limbe

    If you do not want to go through Mile 17: take the road through Sasse village and once at Mbongo Square, turn right and drive down the hill to CUIB Campus A Molyko, opposite Lycee Molyko.