Our current activities include inter alia:

The 2016 Family Fund Campaign (FFC 2016): The 2016 Family Fund Campaign was launched on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. It has as objective, the beautification of the University’s Economy of Communion Village. The target for the Campaign is Five Million Francs CFA (5,000,000F CFA) and would run from March to September 2016. Fund raising is an annual flagship tradition of the University carried out by CUIB Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students. The campaign gives the entire CUIB Community the opportunity to be exemplary philanthropist as they support the development agenda of the University. .
CUIB Donor Network Campaign (DNC) & the Chancellor’s Walkway Commemorative Brick Programme: This activity of fundraising is among other intentions, in honour of the Chancellor of CUIB. The fundraising campaign is to support priority projects of the University and it gives the donor the opportunity to have his/her name engraved on the walkway. The campaign is opened to anybody (private, public and corporate entities) willing to support the University in its development projects and programmes. The campaign has an Advisory Board known as the Donor Network Campaign Coordinators (DNCC). The Coordinators are elected, experienced, respected and influential personalities in society who act as the DNCC counseling body to the OIAD team.