Our Services

Prospect Management

OIAD works with units in the university to manage Prospects (i.e. potential donors). This Prospect Management refers to the identification and establishment of a Donor Data-Base, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship/acknowledgement of donors and prospective donors. This process can have different timelines depending on the kind of donor and for which kind of project is being solicited.

Projects Fine-Tuning and Search for Funders

OIAD assist other units in fine-tuning their projects and in searching and finding possible funders. Projects need to be sent to funders interested in providing funds for that kind of project else every attempt to get funding would be futile reason why OIAD helps get the right kind of funder for the right kind of project. This is facilitated thanks to our Donor Data-Base.

Creating Partnerships through Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs)

OIAD works very closely with other units to ensure that they establish mutually beneficial Memorandums of Understanding (preferably 50/50) relationships and partnerships with individuals, corporations, companies or institutions amongst others.

Assistance in running Fundraising Activities

The office supports and collaborates with other units in running fundraising activities and campaigns. OIAD provides strategic technical advice and support to all units on fundraising events run by them.

Search for Investors (Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) Model)

OIAD reaches out to the market place in search of potential Investors on the basis of Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. This can also be extended to include the win-win partnership model The University over time after paying back the cost of the project to the Investors through Rental Receipts eventually gains total ownership of the property.

Grant Writing/Project Proposal

Above all, OIAD is the hub of Grant Writing, Project Proposals, Business Plans and serves as the heartbeat of the overall advancement and infrastructural development goal of our 21st Century University. These grants and project proposals are of varied scenarios as they can be for our School of Agriculture, Engineering, Business and/or Information Technology.