About OIAD

OIAD is the extended arm of the Office of the President charged with the responsibility of mapping out the needs of the University, supporting the development agenda of the University by developing lifetime donor relationships and leading the fundraising programs of the University in context with its mission and vision. This office summarily ensures through its activities that the University has relationships and partnerships that are beneficial to it (i.e. the win-win concept). This is done by looking at the value propositions in every discussion and ensuring that the University has at least a 50/50 agreement or understanding with the other party. OIAD also raises funds for the University by running fundraising campaigns like the Family Fund Campaign, the CUIB Donor Network and the Chancellor’s Walkway Brick and Paver Commemorative Programme.
The office is also the main center for project writing for University Projects and also works with other units to identify possible projects and the best methods to seek funding for such initiatives. In the grant writing process, OIAD also helps to look for the best and most probable funders depending on the kind of project.