The Office of Examinations and Records is the official source for all student academic and biographical records. It works in close collaboration with especially the office of admissions to get related information necessary for the generation of appropriate records.

It is also responsible for:
Supervising and overseeing all examinations and related activities in the University, from scheduling of exams, ensuring adequate examination logistic provision, right up to the publication of results after approval by Academic Board of the University.

Creating, maintaining, verifying, issuing and protecting each student's record
Maintaining a state-of-the-art academic records system, which is personalized and secured.
Production of students’ identification cards and responding to requests for reproduction.
Monitoring of the end-of-semester grading process Publishing of semester examination schedules after approval by the Provost
Updating, on constant basis, students’ data and reporting to the Provost and President
Ensuring enrollment and degree verification, transcript processing, provision of course lists to the various schools,
Reporting and fulfilling many types of requests for information which include: academic calendars, commencement information, student specialties and contacts, parents address, etc, and continually verifying the accuracy of all system data; verifying student enrollment status, etc;
Creating standard and specialized reports to the Schools for planning and decision-making purposes
Maintaining an archival system of past examination information/material (scripts, script heads, questions, mark sheets, statistics, invigilation reports, examination attendance sheets, etc).