Admission Requirements

  • Students are considered to be of the School of Business only after the reception of an admission letter duly signed by the Provost.
  • Every student must attend the orientation sessions organized by the school.
  • Admission of HND holders (or equivalent) into Sophomore Year is possible following a study of the applicant's file and recommendations from the admission committee.
  • For pre-entry Programs and Language courses, Students must pay the full fee on or before the start date.
  • Students must pay at least 75% of the total fee before registration of first semester courses and must complete their fee before registration of second semester courses.
  • Students on Scholarship must present a letter from the Office of the Provost indicating the terms and condition of their scholarship prior to their registration process.
  • Upon presentation of a non-cash receipt from the finance division and where applicable, Students are given login codes and password to access the Online course registration system Clicke Here To Register
  • Three copies of the form A2 are to be submitted to the school on or before the registration deadline (2 weeks after the start of semester). The student will be given one stamped copy of this form.