All departments within the School of IT share certain objectives.
Communication Objective
Graduates will be able to effectively communicate their ideas in both written and oral form understanding that communication is a cooperative process.
Analytical Objective
Graduates will be able to analyze situations and successfully determine cause and effect.
Research Objective
Graduates will know how to use contemporary research tools as well as more traditional methods to locate and analyze information and develop knowledge.
Presentation Objective
Graduates will be able to format and present information of various kinds (both technical and nontechnical) and deliver that information in a manner most appropriate to the message and the audience.
Practical Objective
Graduates will have an understanding of the difference between theory and practice and how to extract from theory and extend its application to real-world situations.
Liberal Arts Objective
Graduates will recognize that a broad knowledge base is critical to their ability to fully contribute to their professions and communities.
Lifelong Learning Objective
Graduates will recognize that lifelong learning is essential to the ongoing process of professional and personal development.

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