About SANR

The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) specializes in the education and training of a new generation of Agripreneurs through a four year integrated program in Agronomy, Animal Sciences and Fisheries, Food Science and Biotechnology as well as Agribusiness and Extension. SANR programs seek to address current and emerging issues in agriculture and related sciences by building on the University’s commitment of developing professional servant leaders, creating and sharing knowledge through diverse hands-on applications.

Professionalism & Citizenship:

Train graduates to embrace cultural, societal, environmental and ethical issues in their work life.

Communication &Teamwork:

Train graduates to ensure excellence in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, demonstrate leadership skills and effective communication to educate and persuade diverse audience in a bid to solve problems.

Students in SANR do not only acquire these skills through theory but a high level blend with laboratory practicals,hands-on application, through work placements in industries, farm practice, field visits, individual student projects and a strong emphasis on their spiritual and moral well-being. Graduates from SANR are open to Career opportunities in; Agripreneur in Crop enterprises, Animal Production and related animal products enterprise, Agro-food processing and technology, Farm enterprise management, Agricultural communicators for rural development and change as well as positions in Research Centers and International Organizations.

The Dean is the administrative head of the school who oversees the running of activities in the School with assistance from the Vice Dean, Faculty members and two Administrative Assistants. The office is opened from 8:00 to 16:00 every Monday to Friday.