True Eagles of CUIB Transits to Alumni

The CUIB 2016 Commencement Ceremony has been recorded as one that saw the transition of the true eagles of CUIB from students to alumni powered by professional training to impact on their community. Christened “The Batch of Endurance” by President George Nkeze (Ph.D) in his introductory remarks, these 394 students were bold in the face of adversity to ensure their training as professional servant leaders.

Joining his voice to congratulate the graduands for an excellent job, the Re..
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 CUIB 2016 Commencement  Mass.

CUIB 2016 Commencement Mass.

Senior Year students in transition of the Catholic University Institute of Buea have been reminded to serve their community as saints and scholars whi...



The 2016 Commencement Ceremony of the Catholic University Institute of Buea will be celebrated on the 23rd of June 2017. During the celebration of thi...

MIVA Grant to CUIB

MIVA Grant to CUIB

A brand new vehicle has been offered as grant to the CUIB Sr. Emmanuella Fomenky Memorial Foundation Clinic. This grant from MIVA comes at a time when...

CUIB Students Unite In Sports

CUIB Students Unite In Sports

Students of CUIB took time off lately to carry out Sporting activities to keep themselves healthy in mind and body. During this activity organized by ...

CUIB Builds Hope in Its Students

CUIB Builds Hope in Its Studen

"Faith in God" is the message passed across to students of CUIB alongside faculty, staff and other members of the community during the CU...

CUIB Students bond with Faculty, Staff and Management

CUIB Students bond with Facult

It was another bright moment for the students of the city of saints and scholars who were heartily received by their faculty, staff and the management...

Building a Community of Intellectuals with the Fear of the Lord-The Both/And Culture in Action

Building a Community of Intell

The CUIB community has once more been called upon to build a strong spiritual life for its student, staff and faculty thereby fostering the U...

CUIB’s Change Makers: Besong Elliot

CUIB’s Change Makers: Besong

Besong Elliot is the kind of guy every young person should meet. A SANR senior in transition, he describes himself as a team player, hardwo...