Human Resource

Sr. Mary Kombe Celebrates Ruby Jubilee

Sr. Mary Kombe Celebrates Ruby

The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), Religious and a host of friends showed up at the ...

CUIB’s Restaurant and Decoration Services Called to be Unique

CUIB’s Restaurant and Decora

Members of staff of the Custodial and Decoration Services together with those of the St. Martha Facu...

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The Office of Human Resources has both corporate and operational responsibilities covering the development and maintenance of employment policies, procedures and systems and the provision for a range of services to line managers and individual members of staff. These services include recruitment, remuneration, staff well-being and staff development. OHR is equally responsible for managing and processing requests for all new contracts and changes to contracts of employment and advice on procedures and policies. This office exists in order to create a management system to achieve long term goals and plans. The office allows the University to study, target, and execute long term employment goals. For any company to have an efficient ability to grow and advance, human resource management is key.

Joseph Nkeze Trains over 40 CUIB Workers on Leadership

Joseph Nkeze is a Property Manager at Harbor Steps Apartments. He has been in Property Management for 14 years and constantly articulates customer service and the global changing market. ...

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