Tuition and other Mandatory Fees and Costs

Tuition is the fee charged for teaching and instruction by the University. It is different from other fees and costs that students would need to pay for in order to maximize their learning experience such as books, health, sports, etc. The university reserves the right to prescribe these fees and costs some of which are prescribed by the Ministry of Higher Education and others by the University for the smooth functioning and realization of the University’s Mission, vision and Identity. These costs are either mandatory or optional. Optional costs are those that the students may pay at their discretion. Mandatory fees and costs are those that are required for all students. Some costs pertain to students of particular programs. These are explained in the Fee Analysis section for your appreciation.

Tuition for BSc is 850,000 / 800,000 FCFA for Four Year Undergraduate Studies
Tuition for HND is 300,000 FCFA

See Fee Structure for Summary of Tuition and other Mandatory Costs and Expenses