Welcome to CUIB, the Premier Game changer in Entrepreneurial Higher Education in Cameroon!

CUIB is located in the carefully chosen Cosmopolitan City of Buea, the town of legendary hospitality, situated at the foot of Mount Cameroon. The town of Buea, whose climate is so good for learning, lies on the southeastern slope of the mountain, and the port of Limbe (formerly Victoria) with its beautiful Beaches, lies at its southern foot. The mountain’s rich volcanic soils support bananas, rubber, oil palms, tea, and cocoa; valleys are used as pasture. What an area to do your undergraduate studies at!

CUIB right from its creation has remained faithful in addressing one of the greatest problems of African countries – the problem of youth unemployment – specifically university graduates. The unemployment of university graduates implies a significant waste of investments in higher education. Most university graduates are job seekers and they seldom venture into businesses or employment creation – because many of the universities have been teaching them to be employed rather than being self-employed. The unemployment of university graduates is not only an African but is a global problem. CUIB has responded to this universal need which is very acute in Africa and in Cameroon in particular by becoming an Entrepreneurial University with relevant curricula that will prepare graduates to become job creators.

What sets CUIB apart is its commitment to being a National and a world class and preeminent university of the 21st Century. Driven by the pursuit of excellence and in affirmation of its mission CUIB has since its creation in 2010, embraced two university systems – The American 4 year Undergraduate System and the Cameroon 3 year Professional Education system popularly known in its French appellation as “Licence Professionelle”, for “Professional Bachelor” or what is popularly known in the Anglophone region of Cameroon as “B’Tech”.

Rooted in the American system in terms of governance, management style, curriculum, grading and aspirations, CUIB trains its students at the world class level so that they can compete with their peers around the world. Most of its flagship traditions like Freshman and Sophomore Convocation, Commencement, Inauguration of the President, Volunteerism and Community service are inspirations from the American Higher Education Model.

Being a Cameroon based University; CUIB also embraces the Cameroon 3 Year Professional Bachelor Education system geared towards preparing students for the Job Market by emphasizing on skills, competences, ethics and Character. This system requires that the Student does a 2 Year Higher National Diploma (HND) programme which ends with a National organized examination by the Ministry of Higher Education, Yaoundé and 1 year University education. CUIB’s Professional Bachelor training is unique as it challenges its students to embrace other relevant courses, curricula material, knowledge and programs that put them far above their peers in terms of skills and competence acquisition.

Being able to run two systems enables CUIB to provide opportunities for its students to achieve their career dreams and aspirations. With close to 25 undergraduate programmes to choose from, you have the opportunity to discover your purpose, develop your career and the determination to make a meaningful difference in the society. Our uniqueness in Entrepreneurship and Catholic studies put us in a world of its own.

As an Entrepreneurial University, CUIB areas of studies are aligned perfectly with some of the greatest problems of our time-agriculture, information technology, engineering, and Business.

CUIB is about dreaming big, so let us help you realize your dreams.