Welcome to the CUIB School of Graduate Studies!

In the 21st century economy, a first degree is no longer enough. Graduate studies carry a certain number of benefits:

  • It strengthens your competitiveness as a graduate in a specialized job market.
  • It extends and deepens your knowledge and skills in a fast-changing global market.
  • It offers you research preparation that enhances your capacity to access, make sense of, and deploy new knowledge in a complex society.
  • It builds your confidence, capacity and credibility as a highly skilled graduate.
  • It provides real-time professional development and learning even as you reach for the degree.
  • It often provides personal satisfaction.

Expand your dream through our School of Graduate studies at CUIB. Most of our Faculty are full-time and have extensive networks and collaborations with global partners. As a result, many students have the chance to interact and work with academic Leaders from around the world, increasing your opportunities for when you join the globalized world of work. By the time you graduate, you are likely to have built up a network of professional contacts at CUIB, other Cameroonian, African, European and American Universities and the industry. Our MBA and MSc. programmes are offered in these areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering