Programs offered

The following are the various non-degree and certification programs offered at the Catholic University Institute of Buea

  1. Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)
  2. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  3. CompTIA Security +
  4. MS Office Suit
  5. IT Essentials
  6. Computerized Accounting
  7. Computerized Banking
  8. Sustainable Poultry Production
  9. Automobile Driving Lessons

Admissions into the certification and non-degree programs at the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) is open throughout the year. However, candidates are advised to register for particular programs at certain times of the year. This is to ensure that the candidate finishes the training within an academic year.

The table below shows the four training sessions and their corresponding admission deadlines. Candidates should note that training sessions may overlap and remarks have been added to the table to serve as guidance for opting when to start.

For further information, candidates are encouraged to contact the Directorate for Non-degree programs.

Training Sessions

Deadline for admission


1st January – 30th March

20th December

Suitable for 6 and 9 months training programs.

2nd April – 30th June

20th March

Suitable for 3 months training programs.

1st July – 30th September

20th June

Suitable for 3 months training programs.

1st October – 31st December

20th September

Suitable for 6 and 9 months training programs.

Application for admissions is managed by the Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management. Please click Click here for more details, including the fee analysis.

The following points are worth noting with respect admissions.

  1. Students are considered to be enrolled in a non-degree program only after the reception of an admission letter duly signed by the provost.
  2. Every student must attend one of the orientation sessions organized by the Directorate.
  3. Start date and duration for Non-degree programs are flexible and depend on the number of students enrolled in that session as well as other circumstances within the University. Candidates shall be informed of any changes within three (3) business days.


1. Students must pay at least 75% of the total fee before registration of a given session and most complete their fee one (1) month before the session ends.

2. Students on Scholarship must present a letter from the Office of the provost indicating the terms and condition of their scholarship prior to their registration process.

3. Upon presentation of a non-cash receipt from the Finance Division and where applicable, Students are given login codes and password to access the Online course registration system

4. Three copies of the form A2 are to be submitted to the school on or before the registration deadline.

Course Evaluation and Validation

1. The line of communication for each course is as follows: Couesr Delegate ; Course Instructor; Director of Non-Degree programs.

2. Students who do not attend and participate in 80% of the lectures and tutorial sessions of each course will not be examined for that course.

3. A student validates a course only after being examined and awarded a C grade or higher by the examination committee.

4. Faculty must ensure that students are duly registered for their courses before they are allowed in class and only such students will be allowed to take part in course activities including field trips, company visits, work placement, etc. Except the student is an observer.

5. Misuse of school property will result to the withholding of student results until property has been replaced.

6. Students with clashes on the course timetable or other engagements should endeavor to meet both faculty involved and workout the modalities through which they will attend and be assessed in both courses. These modalities must be submitted to the office in writing.

7. Faculty must submit CA marks to the school 2 weeks before the end of the semester and students are expected to verify their marks before exams. Complaints about wrong CA marks should be directed to the Departmental chair in writing and with supporting evidence.

8. All students are expected to evaluate their faculty at the end of the academic year. Evaluation forms will be given to the each student a week before the start of the semester exams.

9. End of Semester Examinations are managed by the office of Exams and Records and all faculty staff and students must adhere to the related policies of the office. Besides sitting for the University exams, students are strongly advised to sit for the industry certification examination at a recognized testing center as well.

Health and safety

1. Special consideration shall be given to students with physical disabilities

2. Students should inform their instructor in case of sickness, bereavement or any other casualties that befall them through phone calls and at a later time, in writing with supporting evidence.

3. Catch up assessments and tutorials shall only be conducted for students who follow procedure of point (2) above.

4. Access to the School's Laboratory facilities is allowed only under the supervision of the attendant or competent faculty. Self-conduct within the Laboratory should be in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Laboratory.


1. Faculty, Staff and Students must adhere to other policies and procedures respective units of the university.

2. All students are expected to respect the University's Cooperate day Wednesday, except otherwise specified. Students who a poorly dressed will not be allowed access into the Classroom.

3. Brutalization and disrespect to faculty or staff by student(s) shall attract grievous disciplinary measures. Students are not allowed to take alcohol on campus irrespective of the age or occasion.