At universities sports activities are as important as classes and libraries, the rationale to why it is one of the fundamental aspects in the training of CUIB students. One can therefore not gainsay the fact that a healthy mind needs to be lodged in a healthy body. Sports helps in the development of prosperous and fulfilling lives and improves the quality of human life in a holistic way. The reason CUIB, through its sports department, promotes sports and physical training. The main goal is to help the students maintain a healthy and active body and finally to inculcate in the students the spirit to always practice sports. Sport is a course in the university’s curriculum and each student is expected to have participated in one of the following disciplines before commencement (graduation): athletics, basketball, dance, football, handball, table-tennis, lawn tennis and volleyball. In CUIB, the Chancellor’s championship which comes up once a year is the peak of sports activities in the institution. During this competition, talented students are selected to form the various teams to defend the colours of the University at the National University Games, which also comes up once every academic year. Finally, the activities complete the training of professional servant leaders and enable the University to fulfill its motto: “Holistic Education Is our Calling”.

The following disciplines are practiced in CUIB and are headed by well trained coaches

  • Football - Male and Female
  • Basketball - Male and Female
  • Volleyball - Male and Female
  • Handball  - Male and Female
  • Lawn Tennis - Male and Female
  • Table Tennis -Male and Female
  • Athletics
  • Dance