We must brand CUIB and CUIBY our Mascot which emphasizes “What Excellence Looks and Feels Like at CUIB”. As entrepreneurs, we are strong, fearless and proud, we soar high and take risks. As an entrepreneurial university, CUIB nurtures us as an Eagle nurtures their young. Then, it pushes us out of the nest to make us strong, but they hover near to ensure that our wings are strong and we can soar. So is CUIB to its students.

We are Eagles, CUIBY has a lot of responsibilities and you will be seeing him often. Because in its CUIBY, represents in all aspects of the CUIB experience, CU= Caring and Understanding -spirituality- EoC); I= Intellectual (academic and award-winning students who represent CUIB and Cameroon abroad in highly competitive environments); B= Businesslike- the core of CUIB- entrepreneurship); Y= youthful, the joie de vivre of CUIB, it is alive with extremely talented students, the student organizations, the dance groups, athletes, choirs). We have Eagle Traits. It is worth noting that the Mascot is the Eagle with spread out wings and not the person dressed in Eagle Suit who is just a promotional representative.