Intramural clubs and associations’ activities are recreational activities carried out for pleasure and are an integral part of student life in the Catholic University Institute of Buea. Guided by the seven key pillars of CUIB’s philosophy, the Center for Students Services (CSS), exists to provide students with an opportunity to engage in civic discourse through co-curricular activity, to enhance social well-being, develop interpersonal.

To this effect intramural Clubs and Associations in CUIB are classified as follows:

  • Assembly of Arts : Music and Dance, Fashion and Design, Cinema and Media
  • Academic Clubs and Associations
  • Religious Clubs and Associations
  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Clubs and Associations

Our Mission

To prepare students to become morally and spiritually responsible leaders who demonstrate critically, wisely and skillfully for the common good of our community.

Our Values

Discipline, Honesty, Faith, Truth, Excellence, Determination, Devotion and Dignity.