Learning Beyond Classes: Home Schooling and Vocational Coaching Is Valid

Posted on: May 19, 2017                  1428 visits

The Catholic University Institute of Buea has adopted a global mindset towards education by moving away from the traditional classroom method of education, to providing home schooling and vocational training to its students. This move is timely due to the Current Anglophone Crisis which has exposed that traditional schools can no longer focus only on what children should learn in the classroom, but rather, re-think a way of keeping children learn in the midst of any crisis which could reduce the rate of children roaming the streets, living in uncertainty, idling away and involving in drugs and banditry amongst other crimes.

At The 2017 celebration placed under the theme "Army and the nation in full synergy for a Cameroon, united in its diversity and devoted to the ideals of peace, stability and prosperity", CUIB will join the nation in praying for peace in Cameroon and will display its “One Eagle One Talent” programme which occupies its students in vocational training and builds their talents in disciplines including sports, music, communication, arts and craft just to mention a few. In the core of the current Anglophone crisis that deprives children and youth the right to classroom education, home schooling and vocational coaching are primary to the Catholic University Institute of Buea which by its nature and character is and remains a Catholic, neutral, nonpartisan and apolitical institution born with the virtue of training entrepreneurs.