CUIB Students Unite In Sports

Posted on: March 17, 2017                  1068 visits

Students of CUIB took time off lately to carry out Sporting activities to keep themselves healthy in mind and body. During this activity organized by the CUIB sports Academy, these students from the various schools of CUIB could be seen excited at their various sports discipline as they regain the joy of being part of the CUIB family. The students were involved in dance sports, volleyball, handball, long and short pull, just to mention a few. This scenario created an atmosphere of unity and strength among the CUIB family that will go a long way in building a strong institution for CUIB.

According to CUIB management, it is imperative during this period of no classroom lectures, for students to gain nonacademic skills that will help them in the nearest future. This explains why CUIB embroils its students in sports and other nonacademic activities while praying for the peaceful resolution of the Cameroon Anglophone crisis afflicting academic institutions.

Students on their part find this period challenging and necessary in building themselves as entrepreneurs. This explains why they turned out in their numbers happily and always ready for the next move.