2016 Commencement: The Tickets

Posted on: December 01, 2016                  1377 visits

CUIB will be sending out its third batch of BSc students alongside its second and fifth batches of B.Tech and HND students respectively on December 15, 2016. It is on this day that seniors in transition are honored and become full-fledged alumni of the institution with the pinning of the Eagle. The Commencement portrays the peak of CUIB’s academic excellence.

Graduating students for this special occasion are entitled to 2 VIP passes. However if they need more tickets for the event, there are two categories of tickets: the VIP tickets sold at 5000 Frs and normal tickets sold at 2000 Frs. The tickets are available and will be sold on Campus at the Center for Student Life, Alumni and Career Development and at the Procurement office. Other interested persons who want to have a seat at this crown event can also purchase these tickets.