2016/2017 Convocation: Freshmen Called to be Organized, Disciplined and Hard working

Posted on: November 15, 2016                  4065 visits

Cameroonian academic giant, Pr. Jean Emmanuel Pondi, has called on freshmen students to strive for excellence and to be true leaders: saying success comes as a result of self-discipline, organized planning and continuous effort. The keynote speaker made the call while addressing freshmen on the seventh convocation.

Pr. Jean E. Pondi in his discourse outlined self-esteem, goal orientation, patriotism, love for humanity and optimism as qualities needed in achieving success. On this note he told freshmen and women their goals should be realistic and driven by a passion inspired from within. He further advised freshmen and women to learn to bring cultures together and to work together.

Talking on leadership he identified 3 types: charismatic leadership which entails thought and action; transformational leadership which deals with changing lives for the better or pragmatic leadership which depicts finding solutions to problems based on the context in which the leader lives.

On his part the President of CUIB, Rev. Fr. George Nkeze in his welcome address told the students CUIB is committed to train its students to be “the best version of themselves as God created them.” “… remain together in a common response. And that response is to support the CUIB family train a new generation of young men and women, entrepreneurs, job creators, innovators, saints and scholars….” he stated.

The President challenged freshmen and women to join him and the rest of the CUIB family fight the lack of hope and dissipation of human energy among young people: reiterating the need for young people to have a vision.

As the batch that will see the president’s Vision 2020 to fruition, he named them the ‘Berakah Batch’ signifying a batch that praises, blesses and thanks God always irrespective of the situation they face.

The students left the ground after taking the oath to become full members of the CUIB family. The ceremony was graced with a high mass officiated by Mgr. Asek Bernard representative of the Bishop/chancellor who reminded all prayer is the greatest power in life. He further called on all to live the Berakah community.