Ethics: A Challenge in the Corporate World

Posted on: November 10, 2016                  2661 visits

Henry Kiven, first guest speaker for the 2016/2017 academic year has informed students the major challenge they will face in the corporate world will be on ethics. This was during his presentation on the role of ethics in the corporate world at the EoC Village on November 9.

The challenge he mentioned will come in the form of bribery, corruption, embezzlement amongst other social ills plaguing the corporate world. On this note he advised students to keep to the moral and spiritual training received in CUIB, knowing they can abstain from these ills. “You are flag bearers of CUIB, you need to stay firm and know you can make the change,” he said. However he made it known the choice of being ethical lies entirely on the person.

Expatiating on ethics in business, he told students the key to success in any business is the integrity of the members: stating out rightly that ‘integrity is from within while ethics is forced.’ Thus he called on the students to shy from being egoistic as egoism buds instincts of corruption, bribery as well as embezzlement, ills affecting the business world.

He advised students to stand for what they believe in and to always check facts before engaging. Thus he outlined the need to investigate, involve others, consider others opinions, and weigh the benefits when faced with temptations.

In his last words to the students, he told them determination and networking were essential in the growth of their careers. It is worthy to note that Henry N kiven is Central Director in charge of Controls, ENEO Cameroon SA. He is a solution-driven Finance professional with over 25 years’ experience in Accounting, Finance, Internal Controls, Compliance, Corporate Governance in Oil and Gas, Banking Operations and Financial Crimes Reviews/Audit, Information Management and Energy operations.