EoC Party Leads First STUGA Presidential Debate

Posted on: October 18, 2016                  2513 visits

The Economy of Communion Party has emerged victorious in the first STUGA presidential debate, with an 83.03 % mark over rivals Dynamic Generation with 81 % according to results provided by the panelists.

The victory comes after the debate which saw contestants vying for the 2016/2017 STUGA presidency promise to represent students and to work towards making CUIB great. During the debate contestants responded to questions pertaining to leadership, Eucharistic community, their activities in CUIB, and the purpose for running in the presidential race.

According to Kemayou Brice, EoC presidential candidate, his desire to assist students academically and spiritually as well as listen to them and create volunteerism opportunities for students out of the institution pushed him to stand as candidate. He stated that, the reason for going out of the institution to source for volunteerism opportunities is to resolve the limited available volunteerism opportunities on campus such that students can get their full 100 hours as recommended. On his part, Ambassa Charles, candidate for the Dynamic Generation Party stated his ambition to enforce equality among B-Tech and BSc students and to bring students to the EoC hour as motivating factors. On their leadership style they both expressed their inclusion of all in seeing that their visions are realized for the growth of the institution.

The president while welcoming all to the 5th presidential debate in CUIB, lauded the candidates for standing in the elections, a tradition of CUIB. He told faculty, staff and students that as a flagship tradition, modeled on the American system where leaders are selected by the people, it was vital for all to listen carefully in order to be fair in their judgment of the candidates.

The turnout for the first debate was impressive, and the community awaits the subsequent debates which will give them the leeway on who to vote for on voting day.