The Techpreneurs of the Future

Posted on: July 25, 2016                  2318 visits

The Senior Year Defense at the School of Information Technology (SIT) is always exciting as SIT students are noted for coming up with problem solving solutions, which creates an impact in the community.

At this year’s SIT defense, the Project of Lahom Ulrich on the “Design and Implementation of a Security Strategy on Telephony over Internet Protocol” was worth noting. According to Lahom the telephony is based on Internet Protocol, which according to his research is not secured enough considering it can easily be masked and vulnerable to sniffing, which is detrimental to users. Lahom said the telephony can be secured by enabling the Transport Layer Secure (TLS) protocol, which helps to authenticate and establish a more secured communication medium between users. In his words he said “I decided to carry out my research on Telephone because it’s a revolution of the 4G network, which incorporates all mediums of communication”

Another project worth mentioning was “The Development and Enhancement of ICT policies” by Adelph Kougoum. Kougoum, who said the absence of these policies in a rapid changing technology world is a setback to users and organizations. He went on to say with the development of ICT policies, users will know their limitation on the use of ICT’s, while organizations will be able to appropriate manage the entry and exit of information, especially confidential documents which is the life line of every company. Considering that ICT policies in Cameroon is still at the infant stage, Kougoum believes his research will serve as a base for CUIB to champion the course of ICT policies in Cameroon.

Bill Morison's project was titled: “The Setting up and Development of a Wikipedia Proxy/Cache server”. It was aimed at making Wikipedia available offline to users considering the tons of academic material available at the site. He said his greatest concern was the regular power and connection cuts, which obstruct research and student activities especially to meeting deadlines. When implemented Bill says it will be of great benefits to students and faculty.

The “Design and Implementation of a Social Media Platform for the Cameroon Hymnal” of Mbu Atang was also worth noting. He said his project will not only help keep the hymnal alive but create a platform were lovers of the hymnal can meet and share ideas. He went on to say it was also a means of promoting and making liturgical hymns available at all times. Mbu considering the possibilities of the project, other hymnals can be incorporated to the project in the future.

Reacting to the Defense, external Jury Nyiwung Valery Executive Director of Active Spaces Buea disclosed that he was totally impressed by the types of the projects students delved into. He said they were exceptional because they were all geared towards solving a problem. On the part of the Dean of the School, Dr. Felicitas Mokom, “I am proud of the students considering they all had a demo of their projects”

The School of Information is one of the four Schools of the Catholic University Institute of Buea, with exceptional students who have won awards and have developed their own "techpreneurial" platforms due to the type of training provided at the School.