CUIB Senior Students Display Ingenuity

Posted on: June 30, 2016                  2568 visits

As the Academic Year draws to an end, Senior students of the Schools of Engineering (SENG) and Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) had to defend their projects in the presence of their faculty, students and family members.

At SENG, Peculiar Okoyes’s project on Design and Implementation of a fingerprint based attendance system using GSM, was heavily applauded. According to Okoye, it will give Faculty the opportunity to track attendance as well as prevent intrusion from unknown persons into classrooms. He said the system has an in build GSM system which can instantly message the parents of students with regards to class attendance. His supervisor Ekang Rene added that, the system is a tip of an iceberg stating that when fully developed, it can be used for many other purposes especially during elections to track defaulters. Another project worthy of note was the Design and implementation of a signal disruptor by Wache Gaelle, Wache told panelists the objective of the device is to block other mobile signals like voicemail, messages or internet within a location and communication system. She went on to say it is also aimed at preventing information spying as well as regulating the use of mobile devices during meetings and classes.

At the school of Agriculture, Oyogo Judes’ project; The effect of Tithonia diversifolia, poultry litter and NPK on the growth and yield of maize, demonstrated the importance of green manure and poultry litter, he said the application of these natural fertilizers proved to improve soil quality and maize yield as compared to synthetic fertilizers which has an adverse effect on human health and soil. Odette Akembom’s project The use of carica papaya seeds and garlic to control coccksidioses in broiler chicken revealed that with the use of the seeds instead of vaccines, it reduced the mortality rate and controlled the disease in the broiler chicken.

The Dean of SENG Dr. Alfred Sona in his words said “The students have shown maturity on the type of projects they embarked on” adding that it is an indication of the type of training done at the School. On his part, the Dean of SANR Dr. Hako Touko revealed he was completely pleased at with the problem solving angle of the student’s research. Dr. Akana Nguindo an external jury during the defense said he was impressed and amazed at the projects carried out by the students. He went on to say he was completely impressed by Okoyes’ verification system.

The senior year defense at the Catholic University Institute of Buea is done by all Senior year students and it is in partial fulfillment for the award of a Bsc. Degree.