CUIB, The Innovation Hub of Cameroon.

Posted on: June 21, 2016                  3038 visits

Recently two Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) Alumni were among 5 recipients of Five Million Francs CFA each at the MTN Brain Boost Your Brain Competition which held at the Institut Universitaire Saint Jerome in Douala.

Anye Cho Bovinille and Tchouta Leuwat Cynthia all from the School of Engineering stood out of Seven thousand Cameroonians who subscribed for the competition. After the first round of evaluation, they proceeded to the next phase were top 20 subscribed projects were selected to pitch their ideas in the presence of a Jury composed 3 top Managing Directors of MTN Cameroon and the Chairman of Go Ahead Africa within a time frame of 5 minutes. Bovinille presented a project based on MORINGA SOAP Production, a bathing soap which eradicates skin diseases caused by germs and commonly transmitted diseases like Escherichia coli, Staphylococci, and Salmonella. His project was outstanding as it provided a solution which is cheap and affordable adding to the fact that it does not require a change in life style or behavior since everyone uses soap. On the other hand Tchouta's project was based on the PROVISION OF AFFORDABLE ENERGY AND ORGANIC FERTILIZERS IN RURAL BAGANGTE REGION where she makes use of human faeces, and cow dung to produce biogas which can be used to generate clean energy and electricity while the slurry will be used to manufacture fertilizer for farming.

Bovinille said his inspiration was based on CUIB’s entrepreneurial mindset of providing sustainable solutions to community problems. On her part Cynthia revealed She was inspired by the fact that she was confounded with the rate of deforestation for fuel at her village Bangante.

Since its inception, CUIB students have been recognized with awards and known to stand out in National and International Competition due to the exceptional training and coaching they receive right here at the City of Saints and Scholars. As it anticipates welcoming its new badge of would-be entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders for the 2016/17 Academic year, it is gradually becoming "The Innovation Hub of Cameroon".