SANR benefits from 5th FADER Forum

Posted on: May 06, 2016                  2597 visits

The 5th FADER forum holding at the School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR) of the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) under the theme; “Alleviating Poverty through Sustainable Agricultural Techniques” which ran for three days ended today May 6, 2016 with participants expressing satisfaction at the deliberations and resolutions.

The Director of CARIARS of the Dioces of Buea Pierre Ernest Tchinda said the forum was important for the participants who came from far and wide and to particularly the students of SANR who were significantly informed of the theories and practices of sustainable agriculture. He added that through the field visits and workshops, students were given a feel of how various sustainable agricultural techniques were carried out. Tchinda made clear that the participation of SANR builds a steel bridge to the future as through the discussions, they will be inspired to carry out specific research on sustainable agriculture which will increase the availability of data for future use and analysis.

The Dean of SANR Dr. Hako Touko affirmed the standpoint of Pierre Ernest Tchinda revealing that the forum exposed new techniques of agricultural practices which according to him will be integrated in their curriculum. He went on to say the sharing of knowledge and experience by his faculty during the forum will definitely open windows for Research, Funding and visibility of SANR and CUIB who can possibly stand as a research arm, of the forum. The don concluded that students have benefited enormously by connecting to experts in the field who inspired and provided the student with information to drive their research. Faculty member Dr. Ngala Bruno agreed the forum was refreshing as it served as a useful teaching tool and practical session for the students. He stated that his expectations of understanding the level of acceptance of sustainable agriculture by the community was satisfied following visits to the field and interactions with farmers, who shared their own techniques with participants.

Senior year student Jude Oyogo in his words held that, “I have gained techniques for the propagation of yam, Mushroom production and plantains multiplication. Bessong Eliott said he has understood the sustainable approach to agriculture which involves taken into consideration the environment, Social and econonomic components.

Participants at the end of the forum as a resolution were encouraged to make use of organic fertilizers and pesticides which pose no risk to the producers and the consumers. While funding was a concern raised during the forum, enthusiast were advised to self fund their farm while anticipating any form of support from the government. Participants were reminded to always share their information and techniques, as well as identify potentials markets for sustainable agriculture produce.