CUIB’s Restaurant and Decoration Services Called to be Unique

Posted on: April 27, 2016                  2127 visits

Members of staff of the Custodial and Decoration Services together with those of the St. Martha Faculty, Staff and Students Club of CUIB have been called to strive to be unique, outstanding and creative in the dispatch of their duties in the different fields. The call was made by Miket Sibina, during a one day capacity building seminar that took place on Saturday April 23 at the institution’s Molyko Campus.

During the theoretical training which lasted about 3 hours, staff of the Decoration Service were informed that in the art of decoration one man’s trash is another man’s cash, thus members were called to be creative and enthusiastic about trying new things and not fear to fail. They were also reminded that the service was not all about money but presenting great ideas and designs. Combining custodial and restaurant services, the trainer intoned that the two were inter related for the complemented each other with the beauty of a restaurant portrayed by internal and external decoration: setting and beautification are based on the type of event.

At the practical part of the seminar participants where trained on how to make bouquets with artificial and natural flowers, techniques on color combinations as well as the choice of flowers for different events. Four samples of bouquets were designed and displayed with decoration done at boucarou 8 of the EoC village for participants to get a view of what modern decoration consists of. In all, Miket encouraged members of the two units to make use of modern techniques of decoration.

In her closing words the Director of Human Resources Sr. Mary Kombe, organizer of the capacity building seminar acknowledged Miket Sabina for accepting to share her knowledge and wealth of experience with the members of the two units. To the director, the training will go a long in achieving the president’s vision 2020 for the institution themed ‘What Excellence Looks and Feels Like.’