CUIB Celebrates First Founders’ Day

Posted on: April 19, 2016                  2438 visits

The CUIB community has for the first time celebrated its founders, particularly its chancellor Bishop Immanuel Bushu who came up with the idea to start a university that caters for the needs of young Cameroonians; a majority of whom remained unemployed after graduation. Thus, the creation of a university with a different mindset of training job creators: entrepreneurs with moral and spiritual values with a comprehensive build.

The president of the institution Rev. Fr. George while presenting his welcome message to all at the celebration hailed the Bishop for the initiative saying ‘ideas are not held in high esteem in our society, the reason most institutions do not respect the ideas of their founders.’ He therefore, intoned that it was necessary to honor those who have impacted lives in our societies. “The day teaches us that life is all about ideas and the significant role these ideas play in our daily lives,” he said.Download Full Speech in PDF

Adding to his words, the chancellor Bishop Immanuel Bushu called on all to pay attention to the inner self to be able to discover how valuable they are. “We are supposed to live ideas, share them with others as well as spend time reflecting on how to make the world better.” He went on to lay emphasis on the fact that ideas were part of human existence, thus humans as individuals are great and even better as a group.

In his homily during the holy mass honoring CUIB’ s founders, the chancellor called on all to praise and thank God for his power, wisdom, love, mercy and goodness. “We are here because of his goodness,” he uttered. In this line he appealed to Christians comprising of faculty, staff, students and parents to live life as God wants saying ‘we are the salvation to our lives.’ He further opined that salvation is for people of every nation, tribe, race, hence all man need do is to listen and follow Christ irrespective of age, size and status. “In CUIB we give knowledge, welcome everyone, and ensure all are happy as well as holy according to the different religions.” He thanked all for the devotedness to CUIB and encouraged all to ask for the graces to be true followers of Christ.

On her part, the Student Government Association president, Wache Gaelle Vanessa while acknowledging the bishop for starting CUIB, identified entrepreneurship, economy of communion and academic excellence as key factors that make CUIB unique. Justice Helen Ebai, one of the pioneers to CUIB’s birth in her words of thanks called on the university family and stakeholders to continually support the university.

It is worthy to know that Founders’ day comes up once every year on April 17, the day (7 years ago) the Bishop of the Diocese brought to light the idea of starting the Entrepreneurial University, CUIB to fight youth unemployment. The founders’ day celebration this year crowned the parents weekend which brought parents together to know, explore and experience the life their children live as they pursue studies in CUIB.

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