CUIB Sensitization Campaign

Posted on: April 05, 2016                  1999 visits

The office of Admission in collaboration with other units of the university is responsible for carrying out sensitization campaign in Secondary and and High schools across the country to create awareness in the minds of students, teachers and parents about the numerous opportunities at the City of Saints and Scholars-CUIB. It is in this light that a team headed by the Director of Admissions Mr Tinifi Richrad was deployed to SASSSE College to talk to both students, teachers and parents about CUIB and what the university offers in terms quality training in different disciplines.

The director outline the philosophy of the university which trains job creators and not job seekers, the different professional programs offered by the university and different scholarship schemes that are available to potential students of the university among others.The team also took questions from those presents about the university and all their doubts were clarified