CUIB and UDayton Strengthen Ties

Posted on: February 24, 2016                  3408 visits

Based on their Vision for innovation and Entrepreneurship coupled with their Catholic foundation, the partnership between the University of Dayton (UDayton) and the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB) can only be timely and termed perfect.

During a working session on February 23, 2016 between UDayton’s visiting delegation and CUIB Deans and Vice Presidents’ the Executive Director of the Centre for International Program at UDayton Dr. Amy Anderson revealed partnerships help students grow adding that, UDayton is interested in making remarkable partnerships in Africa. Dr. Amy affirmed she is optimistic about the alliance between the two universities and the benefits it will bring to the life of both students and faculty. According to the don, there are possibilities of establishing a joint student project between the two universities which will yield astounding results and more opportunities overtime. On enhancing students experience the Coordinator of African Studies at UDayton Dr. Julius Amin said the Dayton Cameroon Immersion Program which has been running in Cameroon since 1995 creates a platform for socio-cultural and intellectual exchange which can be very valuable to the students. Adding her voice to Dr. Amins’ Dr. Amy said through their innovation centre, CUIB students can benefit from working on US based projects as well as UDayton students on Cameroon based projects depending on the request of the client. She however concluded that the end results should be the training of better engineers, business people and leaders in communities. On Research and teaching, Dr. Malcolm Daniels, Director of ETHOS Centre (Engineers in Technical Humanitarian Opportunities of Service) highlighted that their programs are structured in a way that it attends to the needs of the industry which also ties with the method of teaching in CUIB.

At the end of the working session, Dr. Amy Anderson dubbed it “A Delightful Working Session” pointing out that CUIB, in her words has “A young, dynamic, extraordinary and committed faculty who are interested in advancing the mission of the university”.

The working session closed with a remark from the Provost Prof. Wilfred Ndongko who urged faculty to make the most of the collaboration and make the partnership significant taking into account the wealth of experience of the University of Dayton.