We have come of Age…Tinife Richard

Posted on: February 15, 2016                  2569 visits

This was the opinion of the Director of the College of Business and Technology (CBT) Tinife Richard on the occasion of the College’s Colloquium for the 2016 Academic and Entrepreneurial Trade fair (CCEAF). He said with the quality of Faculty at the College he thought it wise to engage students, staff and other participants in a discussion under two themes; Agriculture, the New “Oil” in Cameroon and “The Importance of IT in Our Society”.

Main facilitator of the forum Sama Valentine, Faculty and Agric Engineer at CBT told the forum “Agriculture is not only about growing plants and animals…there are diverse careers available in agriculture for professionals in different fields” citing Marketers and Mechanical engineers as examples. He called on participants of the forum to develop a mind shift and start creating time to invest in agriculture stating that in the nearest future the world population will number 10 billion and in his words “There will be mouths to feed”. According to the Agric Engineer, vast fertile lands abound in Cameroon and unfortunately not put to use, he lamented that common farm produce like corn and cassava which are highly consumed in different forms are still imported by some big companies while vast lands are left to fallow. As a follow up to the arguments put forward by Sama, he told the forum “The time is now” mentioning that agriculture is one of the easiest ventures to kick start regarding the interest the Cameroon government has developed for agriculture and the fact that, the world is gearing most of its resources towards agriculture. He went on to state categorically clear that agricultural produce are tax free in Cameroon which is encouraging for enthusiasts in agribusiness. Challenged by participants on the drastic decline of business in the sector, Sama said with the discovery of oil, it was unfortunate that all attention was geared towards the petroleum sector forgetting that there were mouths to feed. He however told participants to put aside the notion and start engaging in agriculture which has a fixed and constantly growing market. At the end of his discourse he urged participants to consult qualified agric engineers before engaging in the business to ensure they follow the laid down procedures for operating and “becoming the next Agri-Billionares”.

Ndasi Julius another Faculty at CBT and Computer Engineer who spoke on the Importance of IT in our Society today called on participants to take IT serious as it is significant in taking every business and professional career to a whole new level. He said the exploits of IT cannot be ignored in our contemporary world taking the Medicine and Educational fields as examples were patients can be consulted, diagnose and followed up online and were students can take courses in a different country without necessarily going there. Ndasi ended his discourse by requesting everyone to be computer literate as in the near future, knowledge in IT will be a prerequisite for getting jobs or operating in any field of study.

Grace Manyi a student of CBT studying Travel, Tourism and Operation Management said she has come to terms that, everything in life is linked to Technology. Njock Atem a CBT student studying Agriculture held that, there is need to combine technology in everything especially in the field of agriculture surrounded with marketing and sales which all have a different phase in today’s business ecosystem.

Drawing from the speech of President Paul Biya on the Occasion of the 2016 Youth Day Celebrations, Tinife Richard who was moderator of the forum called on students to make use of technology, network across departments and above all continue sharing knowledge so that Cameroon can become and emerging economy before 2035.

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