Sophomores Called to be True Entrepreneurs...

Posted on: November 24, 2015                  6731 visits

Sophomore students of the Schools of Engineering, Business, Information Technology, Agriculture and Natural Resources and the College of Business and Technology have been called and advised to be true entrepreneurs who pray, are polite, passionate, peaceful, patriotic, respectful and people who abhor lateness. The call was made by Roland Kwemain, chairman of Go Ahead Africa and guest speaker for the first Sophomore convocation celebrated by the Institution on November 21.

Roland Kwemain went on to say that Cameroon and Africa are in need of entrepreneurs who are servant leaders who do not have a price tag; to enable the continent attain development.

During the occasion which saw the transitioning of second year students into their different specializations; the students took the oaths of ethics guiding their different professional programmes, swearing to abide to the rules and regulations governing the professions of Engineering,Information Technology, Agriculture, Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Human Resource Management, Insurance, Marketing and Management.

The President of CUIB, Rev.Fr. George Nkeze in his welcome speech stated that the taking of the oath by the students paves a path for them to start a vocation as pupil entrepreneurs with an entrepreneurial mindset, with the goal to do business: embracing the Heart and Soul of entrepreneurship (skills and spirituality). He further highlighted the essence of business as a vocation that promotes solidarity and responsibility. He outlined that co-creation, service, solidarity and sustainability are facts that make business/entrepreneurship a noble vocation to be pursued. He went on to call on the students to be innovative as he said “…when an entrepreneur stops innovating, he/she dies as an entrepreneur… transforming his/herself into a spectator who blocks the innovation-imitation relay race which pushes society ahead.” He advised the students to ‘just do it.’

According to Nicole Blanche and Manuella, sophomore students of the School of Engineering and Business; the taking of the oath gave them a feeling of belonging and zeal to work hard towards completing their studies in CUIB and becoming genuine entrepreneurs. Dr. Etchu Kingsley, director of Institute for Research and Development, (IRAD) Ekona appreciated the convocation ceremony and called on the students to collaborate with the institution and to respect their parents, who have worked hard to send them to the Entrepreneurial University.

It is worth mentioning that the event began with a Holy mass in which the main celebrant,Fr.Pascal Siben advised the students to practice what they learn diligently and to be responsible to their parents and the business world. The event a first of its kind will occur annually.