First Semester Exams Unfold

Posted on: March 19, 2015                  4885 visits

CUIB students have begun writing their first semester exams which have so far unfolded without hitches as mentioned by the Interim Director for Records and Exams, Obasi Marinus. According to the interim director, there has been no record of disturbance and the expected number of students for each exam has been a success.

He went on to say that the success is linked to the consciousness by the students and the effectiveness of invigilators who are present to redress any worries in the course of the different exam sessions.

Talking to the Chief of Centre for Wokaka, Simbo Emmanuel on student comportment, he said that the students have been calm and composed for the exams and not rowdy as he had feared.

Freshman students Anyambe and Lema Marielouise, of the School of Engineering (SENG), said they were prepared and had so far were happy with the exams, their first in the university.

It is worthy to know that the exams which was launched by the President began on March 17, and runs to April 1, 2015 marking the end of the first semester.